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On our website you will find instructions for
setting up and using the most popular gaming
mice LogitechRazerBloody, A4Tech X7, FireGlider, as
well as answers to common questions: "How to install the
no recoil macro?", " How to run the script?", " How to configure the macro?", "How to circumvent the ban on using the mouse?", "Is the mouse forbidden for macros?", " How to use the script?", "How to configure the mouse for macros?" and others.
We monitor changes in the software of A4tech
Bloody 7Logitech G HUB, Synapse 3 and adapt the
information to the current use. In a special section, you can check the current state of detection of the mouse program by
the game defenders and the possibility of using macros or scripts in the game. Always up-to-date information, instructions for using them, as well as solving problems in using
scripts or macros.

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SoftWare Mouse Tools No Recoil Script-Macro
For information! On the example of the RUST game, it should be understood that games do not see the direct use of the macro, but can detect the installed script in the program or a tool like Core 3 activated in the program Bloody 7 allows to use a macro! Based on this fact, we suggest that you learn with the relationship of games to software for scripting mice.......


XML-macro Razer Game Mouse

Razer Atheris Stormtrooper Edition
Razer Basilisk Essential
Razer Basilisk Quartz
Razer Basilisk Ultimate
Razer DeathAdder Elite Destiny 2
Razer Lancehead
Razer Mamba Elite
Razer Naga Pro
Razer Viper


Logitech G-Series Mice with G Hub

Do not create a profile specifically for games in "Logitech Gaming Software" or "LG HUB", we do not recommend that you link script programs with the executable file of the game "EXE" in the profile. For example, for the game RUST, do not contact RUSTCLIENT.EXE in this case, your game (anti-cheat) has the ability to track the program and run the script. IT IS
Create new profiles without specifying the path to the game executable file......


instructions for copy MGN/MGN2 macro in program A4tech Bloody
Detailed description of the process of transferring an file MGN/MGN2 in software Bloody.
The main tool in the Bloody program for using macros. Macros are installed on all supported mice (look side menu) A4Tech gaming mice in the Bloody series in the same way.......
Disconnected Server and Core 3 Disabled
Options for bypassing the lock for A4Tech Bloody mice:
1 option-Bloody ByPass-USB reboot. If you use the bloody mouse and you are not removed from the servers, then you have a fresh updated Bloody software and macros will not work directly because the game disables CORE 3, not macros, namely the game disables the program. The software Bloody ByPass restarts the USB and the macro runs for a while until the next reboot or forced.
Option 2-Cloud gaming. You can safely play with Bloody mice through GeForce Now cloud gaming......


instructions for the program Logitech G HUB

Installing the LUA script on Logitech G-series mice is the same for all models of this series. The only exception is outdated models that work only on LGS software.
Scripting Install
Scripting can be added to a profile from the Games & Applications window. Scripts are not profile specific and can be applied to any profile.


with programs and tools for Logitech G-Series Mouse

Always run the "Logitech G HUB" or "Logitech Gaming Software" programs as an administrator. In the settings of the executable EXE file (or its shortcut), open the Compatibility tab and enable the function "Run this program as an administrator" (for the shortcut, this will be the "Shortcut" tab - "Advanced"), and Save. So each launch will occur as an administrator.
And also if there is insufficient optimization, you can delete......