Bypass disconnecting to Server
or disabling Core3/4.

If you encounter a similar problem or you still have it, please know that in the game RUST devices A4tech Bloody with the program installed Bloody 6/7 to 7 version 2019.1129 after some time of the game you are thrown off the server with a message about disconnection: Disabled: EAC: Blacklisted device: Bloody mouse/A4Tech and for versions of Bloody 7 v2020 or later during the game, also after a while, the anti-cheat disables the macro module in the program - silent disabling Core3/4 (macros have nothing to do with it).

Variants Bypass

mouse kick for A4Tech Bloody:

1 variant - Bloody ByPass (sold or included for free with macros for Bloody) - USB reboot. If you use the bloody mouse and it doesn't remove you from the servers, then you have the latest updated Bloody software and macros won't work directly because the game disables CORE 3/4, not macros - the game disables the program. The program Bloody ByPass reboots the USB and the macro runs for some time until the next reboot or forced reboot (configurable hotkey).

2 variant -  Cloud gamingYou can safely play with Bloody mice via GeForce Now cloud gaming (free use with a time limit), or Steam screen broadcasting (you need an additional PC or Laptop to broadcast!). It is not possible to check which mouse you are using via cloud streaming.

3 variant - Garage Mouse without Borders (The main requirement is an additional PC or Laptop!). We download and install the program on both computers, connect them via a local or WiFi network, connect the Bloody mouse to a non-main PC, and broadcast the mouse movement to the main PC with the game installed, so the game does not see the mouse installed on the other PC.

We also remind you that you can play with Bloody macros on servers where the administration has disabled the blocking of Bloody mice, as well as on the pirated version of the RUST game.
Some of the methods described above have monetary losses, we do not sell software for circumvention, and we recommend using a non-software method. In addition, this is the safest option - to circumvent and not have a ban!

In any case, the choice is yours!