supporting AMC-macro no recoil.

Software X7 Oscar Editor (for different mice name has a slight difference) support list:
X7 (F3) V-Track Gaming Mouse
X7 (F4) V-Track Gaming Mouse
X7 (F5) V-Track Gaming Mouse
X7 (F6) V-Track Gaming Mouse
X7 (F7) Snake Coating V-Track
X7 XL-730K
X7 XL-740K Snake Coating(16k) Laser
X7 XL-747H Blue Spider (64k) Laser
X7 XL-747H Browm Spider (64k) Laser
X7 XL-750BK (16k) Laser Gaming Mouse
X7 XL-750MK (16k) Laser Gaming Mouse
X7 XL-750K
X7 XL-750BH (64k) Laser Gaming Mouse
X7 XL-755BK (16k) Laser Gaming Mouse
X7 XL-760H
X7 XL-747H
X7 X-705K (16k)
X7 X-710K
X7 X-710BH
X7 X-710BK(X-7120)
X7 X-710MK (16k)
X7 X-718BK (16k)
X7 X-730K
X7 X-740K
X7 X-738K (16k)
X7 X-748K (16k)
X7 X-755BK (16k)
X7 X-760H

X7 Oscar Editor Macro
software for using macros.

These mice do not have macro support in the X7 Oscar Lite program,
since there for macro is no internal memory:
X77 Maze Neon Gaming Mouse
X87 Maze Neon Gaming Mouse
X89 Stone Black Neon Gaming Mouse
X89 Maze Neon Gaming Mouse

also there are X7 XL*** and X*** series mice without internal memory for macros, for them, determine only by correspondence with the supporting models.