supporting MGN-macro no recoil.

Mice support list software Bloody7 2019 and Bloody7 2022 with MGN-macro no recoil:

Bloody RT7 (RT70) Wireless Gaming Mouse
Bloody RT5 (RT50) Wireless Gaming Mouse
Bloody R8 Skull N Wireless Mouse
Bloody R80 Wireless Gaming Mouse
Bloody R7 (R70) Wireless Gaming Mouse
Bloody R3 (R30) Wireless Gaming Mouse
Bloody W90 PRO
Bloody W70 PRO
Bloody W60 PRO
Bloody W60 MAX
Bloody ZL50
Bloody TL9 (TL90)
Bloody TL8 (TL80)
Bloody TL7 (TL70)
Bloody TL6 (TL60)
Bloody TL50 Terminator
Bloody TL5
Bloody J95 (J95S)
Bloody J95 RGB Pixart
Bloody J90 (J90S)
Bloody P97
Bloody P93 (P93S)
Bloody P93 Bullet Grey
Bloody P93 Black
Bloody P91 (P91S)
Bloody P91 PRO
Bloody P85 (P85S)
Bloody P85 RGB
Bloody P85 Sport
Bloody P81S
Bloody P80 PRO
Bloody P30 PRO
Bloody ML160
Bloody AL90
Bloody A91 Light Strike
Bloody A90 Light Strike
Bloody A9 Blazing Black
Bloody A70 Light Strike
Bloody A7 Blazing Black
Bloody A60 Light Strike
Bloody N50
Bloody N50 Infinity Shatter - Ivory White
Bloody V9 (V9M)
Bloody V8 (V8M)
Bloody V7 (V7M)
Bloody V5 (V5M)
Bloody V4 (V4M)
Bloody V3 (V3M)
Bloody V7M71 BUNDLE
Bloody A9081 BUNDLE
Bloody A9071 BUNDLE
Bloody A6081 BUNDLE

using Bloody MGN-macros.

These mice don't have internal memory for macros:
Bloody X5 Max Esports Gaming Mouse
Bloody X5 Pro Esports Gaming Mouse
Bloody Q82
Bloody Q81
Bloody Q80
Bloody Q51
Bloody Q50
Bloody Q8181A BUNDLE
Bloody Q5081S BUNDLE