Software instructions
Logitech G HUB for Logitech mice.

LUA-script installation on Logitech G-Series mouse is the same for all models in this series.
Getting Started
Homepage explained:
Image logitech g hub homepage
1. Current active profile. Clicking on the profile name will take you to the Profile Manager
Image logitech g hub active profile
The lock symbol indicates if the profile is set as persistent. Meaning it will be active for all applications. You set a profile as persistent in the G HUB Settings

Scripting Install

Scripting can be added to a profile from the Games & Applications window. Scripts are not profile specific and can be applied to any profile.
Image logitech g hub games
1. Select the profile you want to add scripting to
2. Click the Scripting icon 
For safe use do not install the script in the game profile , only in desktop! For how to do this, see the section Safety of use.

Assign a Script

Image logitech g hub script
1. ACTIVE LUA SCRIPT Select a script from the drop down menu to run with your profile. If you do not want a script select NONE. +CREATE A NEW LUA SCRIPT will allow you to create new script.

2. CREATE A NEW LUA SCRIPT Click this box to create a new script.
3. Click the crosshair to take you back to the Games & Applications tab.

Script Manager

Image logitech g hub script manager
1. Script Name Type a name for your script here.
2. Enter Script Description. Use this text box to add a description for your Script.
3. EDIT SCRIPT Click this to take you to the script editor.
Script Editor
When you click EDIT SCRIPT, the Script Editor will open. There are 2 parts: the main scripting area and the Output.
Image logitech g hub script editor
The 3 lines in the script editor will always be there by default. In the menu bar you will see 4 tabs:
● Script. Save, Import (a Lua file), Export (as a Lua file) and Close.
● Edit. Standard editing options: Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Find Text, Select All and Clear Output.
● View. Show/hide Line Numbers, Output and Text Highlighting.
● Help. Click Scripting API to take you to the Overview and Reference Guide for G-series Lua API.
Adding a LUA Script
Image logitech g hub adding lua script
1. You can add a script via the SCRIPT-IMPORT menu or by directly COPY-PASTE code.
2. In order for the script to work don't forget to save it via the menu SCRIPT-SAVE or "CTRL" + " S".
You will notice that whilst you have the Script Editor open, that G HUB will have a warning message: Close LUA window to save script. Once the Script Editor is closed, the warning will disappear.
Image logitech g hub save script
Congratulations! Now you can use our scripts LUA for your mouse Logitech G!
To expand the functionality of the mouse use G-SHIFT. Since most of the buttons are used to activate weapons use G-SHIFT function to leave different standard functions.
Image logitech g hub g-shift
Set a specific button to the G-SHIFT function switch to the settings mode G-SHIFT and set new button values. And when you hold down the programmed G-SHIFT button, the functionality of the mouse can be significantly expanded.

g hub install lua script

g hub active profile
create a new lua script
edit script